August, 2012
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The benefits of hiring human Resource consultants

Posted by on Aug 28, 2012 in Human Resources | 0 comments

CRS offers human resource consulting for you and your employees, to help keep your business running efficiently while maintaining the highest level of employee satisfaction possible. Here are just a few benefits of HR consulting with CRS. Workplace Skills and Training Reporting Work ethics are some of the hardest lessons to train your employees on. How your employees interact with your customers and vendors is going to play a crucial role in the success of your business, and you need to make sure that they are in the know on your strategies. By assisting your HR team with training reporting, you’ll know exactly what each employee has done in terms of workplace training and how much more they need to accomplish. Salary and Pay Structures If you’ve never had an in-depth human resources department before, you may not know exactly how salary and pay structures work. In order to have the best team available to you, you need to find the perfect combination of how much you can afford to pay an employee, as well as a pay structure so that each level of management is paid their worth to the company. By developing a salary structure for your business, you’ll find that you can actually save money while continuing to find employees that will help you meet or exceed your goals. Professional HR consulting can help you with this. Job Description Writing Writing about how great it is to work for your company is simply going to land you untalented employees that are simply looking for a good time. You need to know how to write your job descriptions efficiently so that you properly communicate what is required of every position while emphasizing the work environment that people will be enjoying when they get hired on with your company. All too often, businesses fail to realize the value of proper job descriptions, which usually lands them a pool of potential employees that simply don’t have all of the necessary skill sets to get the job done properly for your opening. Human resource consulting can change the way you do business. Contact CRS to find out more about the benefits of HR consulting services in South...

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Payroll training – why your staff needs it

Posted by on Aug 21, 2012 in HR & Payroll Software | 0 comments

When you implement a payroll software solution, you are essentially changing the way your business has worked for years. Imagine it like a change in your diet. While you make the change, your body simply isn’t used to the new foods you’re eating, and often forces itself to go back to its old ways. When you invest in payroll software, you’re essentially changing the way things are done that your employees and customer service representatives are used to. To help adjust to the move to payroll software, you’re aciphex vs nexium / / flagyl and lower back pain / lipitor recall / / / nexium over the counter / cipro medication / going to need payroll training, and here’s why: Clock In/Clock Out With every change in payroll tracking, employees will have a new method of managing their time logs. This change is often something that’s tough to get used to since it becomes the most routine part of your day. Payroll training helps your staff get into a new swing of things that prevents them from going back to their old ways, which can often protect you from mistakes that most companies see when trying to make a smooth transition to payroll software. Viewing Pay slips Every software platform is different, while you may have had an internal interface for viewing pay slips, learning a new platform can be a daunting task for employees. Payroll training on new software will be crucial to making your employees as comfortable as possible with the new system. While you know that the new system is beneficial to your company, employees won’t understand that, and can often see the change as a threat to their comfort zone. Time Off Management One of the biggest changes that employees face with new payroll software is that the method of requesting time off changes completely. How you handle time off requests in regards to whether or not you approve them won’t essentially change, but if your employees are uncomfortable with new software, you may find they won’t be submitting their time off as frequently, which usually results in built of vacation days towards the end of your fiscal year. It’s vital to the functionality of your business that employees understand the software and how to utilize it to make these types of requests comfortably. If you are considering payroll software, you need to partner with a company that offers the right training so that your staff knows how to use it. Contact CRS to find out more about payroll software and training in South...

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HR payroll software: A 101 Guide

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If you’ve finally convinced yourself that payroll software may be a step in the right direction for both you and your company, then you want to make sure the employees in your HR department are aware of what payroll software does and doesn’t do. While the initial process may be slightly complicated during onboarding, once you’re completely signed up, the process is almost automated, and only requires your HR team to input a few variables that change from employee to employee. Here’s a quick 101 guide to what your HR team can expect once your payroll software is fully installed. Full Vacation and Sick Time Management Before software, it’s most likely that your HR team was manually managing vacation and sick time, assuring that employees get paid for the days they take off, while they don’t abuse the system at the same time. Payroll software handles all of that. Simply input each time the employee takes off, and the software will update their available time accordingly, and notify you of any overages. Tax Management Keeping your taxes in line on both the local and national level is always a tricky one. Once you’ve imported your tax rules into the payroll software, the job is done. Not only will your employee be taxed appropriately, but you’ll be notified of any tax payments that you need to make based on an employee’s salary or wages. Check Printing Your HR team will no longer be required to fill in checks using software such as Quicken. Payroll software can do this as well. You simply need to sign the checks and distribute as necessary. Or you may not even need to distribute at all as you’ll see in our next point. Direct Deposit Finally, HR can now accept direct deposit as a preferred method of payment. By allowing the software to connect to the respective bank accounts, the money in your business’ account is wired electronically to your employee’s bank account (with their consent, of course), which takes a lot of the leg work out of getting checks signed and approved by your accounting department. Contact CRS to find out more about payroll software solutions in South...

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