November, 2012
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CRS exhibits at business leadership convention focused on sustainable growth

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CRS Technologies, a leading Human Resources and Payroll Software Solutions Company, recently attended the IPM 2012 Annual Convention where speakers and delegates looked at ways to ensure sustainable growth for SA as well as Africa. Thought leaders and key industry players throughout the continent attended the prestigious annual conference and CRS was proud to be included among these attendees. CRS believes business leaders have a role in securing the country’s growth and the company is committed to its part in securing the country’s future. CRS held an exhibition stand at the convention, where delegates were given an opportunity to meet with members of the CRS team and find out more about CRS’ HR and Payroll Solutions, which are tailored to meet the needs of local companies as well as companies operating throughout Africa. Don’t leave your payroll up to chance CRS presented each delegate with a unique payslip as well as the chance to win a lotto ticket if the numbers inside the payslip match those of a winning lotto ticket. The initiative created a lot of excitement and delegates flocked to the CRS stand during intervals to find out if their payslips would secure them some chance winnings. The payslip initiative was a fun way for delegates to interact with the CRS team, but the underlying focus of the campaign was clear: Don’t leave your payroll up to chance. To find out more about how CRS can enhance the performance of your payroll department, contact us today! HR Leading the Way The focus of this year’s convention was: “HR Leading the Way”. CRS understands the essential role HR plays within the business. The HR department faces constant challenges as it is tasked with selecting the best people for jobs while SA faces an acute skills shortage. CRS believes that HR departments have a leading role to play in securing the country’s economic growth because they are a key department within any business. In order for HR departments to successfully meet these challenges and fulfill their leading role, HR staff need to be able to make the most of the resources within a business. By automating HR processes, CRS’ HR Solutions can free up as much as 80% of your staff’s time, enabling them to focus on key business challenges. To learn more about how CRS can improve the productivity of your HR department, contact us...

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Payroll outsourcing: the good, the bad and the great

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When your employee base becomes too large to effectively manage your payroll manually, it makes sense to turn to payroll outsourcing. By allowing others to help you efficiently manage paying your employees quickly, you get a lot of time back in your day. Obviously, the transition to outsourcing is no small task, but it can be extremely simple when you employ a team that’s got decades of experience with it. Before you make the transition, you should be aware that there are three sides to payroll outsourcing, the good, the bad, and the great. The Good The good thing about payroll outsourcing is that you’ll no longer need to bog down your HR staff with annoying hassles that come along with payroll tasks. All too often, human resources departments are faced with limited resources simply because payroll can take hours to accomplish. It’s time for your team to worry about finding you’re the best employees possible while maintaining employee satisfaction among your current work force. The Bad There’s really no bad about payroll outsourcing unless you go with the wrong company. Make sure you’ve got the team that you need to make the transition as smooth as possible for both you and your employees and it will be an easy switch to your new payroll processes. The Great The best part about payroll outsourcing is that you finally have no chance of human error. All too often paychecks are miffed, people are under or overpaid, or your employees log their time incorrectly. When you enroll in payroll outsourcing you get the comfort of a payroll system that’s going to handle the work for you, while being able to make it an easy change for your employees. You’ll notice payroll mistakes will almost disappear as soon as you begin outsourcing. Clearly, there’s no real downside to outsourcing your payroll. It makes perfect sense for your business model, while helping you create a more efficient and accurate human resources team that will be thankful for the opportunity to put their skills to better use in your workplace. But don’t let us tell you that, let your employees tell you that. Contact CRS to find out more about payroll outsourcing in South...

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