The Institute of People Management (IPM) objective to drive HR’s impact into the future will take an important step forward when it hosts the 59th Annual IPM Convention & Exhibition in early November at Sun City, Northern Province. As a leading provider of solutions and services within the HCM and HR markets, CRS Technologies is proud to be a sponsor of the event. We believe in these opportunities to gather industry stakeholders together and talk about important issues that are impacting on operations. The reality of these critical markets is that they are multi-faceted, they are influenced significantly by technology and are people-driven. They represent the main front of business management and leadership today. So, it is natural and to be expected that the IPM event reflects this dynamic environment. In addition to powerful keynotes scheduled and the exhibition component, the event will also showcase the latest trends, thinking around issues, technology, approaches, challenges and opportunities that helps to define HR today. We are excited about being part of this industry-driven and high profile event. And, in the spirit of HR, it is going to be thought-provoking and action-packed! There is no doubt that HR and HCM are the most exciting, most dynamic and most interesting areas of business today!