7 signs that you need to rethink your current Human Resources service provider

Thirty years ago, very few people could have imagined a concept such as Human Resources software. Today however, it is almost a household name, as the majority of businesses deal with personnel issues on a daily basis through software. With earth’s population having increased by almost 75% since the 1980’s and the rate at which technology has evolved, most processes changed from manual to computerised almost overnight. Statutory and legislative requirements also changed and became more complex, creating the need for Payroll and HR software solutions. It soon became a necessity to have a computerised programme, which could assist with human resource management.

Signs that you need to rethink your current service provider:

  • Legislative and statutory regulations: Is your company 100% compliant with the legislative and statutory requirements of the Law?
  • Recruitment: Does your company effectively recruit the right kind of person for the job?
  • Training: Does your company have sufficient training and education programmes available to employees?
  • Employee Relations: Are your employees generally satisfied with their conditions of employment?
  • Employment Equity: Is the South African Employment Equity Act enforced in your place of work?
  • Performance Management: Are employee performance assessments done and monitored?
  • Safety & Wellness: Does your company have Safety & Wellness policies and programmes?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, chances are you need to rethink your current HR software. At CRS HR & Payroll Solutions, we offer the most comprehensive end-to-end solutions, including all aspects of the HR function. Our modular phased approach offers you flexibility in implementation. Contact us today for more info on our products and services.