A happy workplace… that’s the bottom line!

In business, a solid bottom line makes all stakeholders happy. The emphasis is on the word ‘happy’ because it is possible to create a pleasant, stable work environment, be profitable and make customers happy.

That is the main theme thoughtfully articulated in a recent blog by Gavin Sharples who expounded on the topic in his Happyology newsletter.

Gavin believes a happy working environment stems from a balance between corporate responsibility and personal involvement. His reference to ‘A Happy Bottom Line’ is, as he puts it, “the secret to making massive profits can only truly be achieved with happy staff”.

His argument makes sense, particularly given the increasing importance of HR and Human Capital Management in the market today. Effective people management, skills transfer, development and application, as well as employee-driven processes are pre-requisites to businesses having any chance of successfully transforming their environments and embracing digital.

Most of us would have heard the saying ‘a happy employee is a productive employee’ and in today’s business world productivity is what sets competitors apart… that and enhanced technology-laden operations, processes and procedures.

We can confidently say that Gavin is on to a winner here… his Happyology message is ringing home amongst decision makers. In a market that sways towards people-run businesses, who use technology for people by people and have the ability to retain talent – creating a satisfied, focused workforce makes all the difference.