‘Absolutely’ would be most decision makers’ immediate response to this question. But our experience of corporate payroll administration tells a somewhat different story. The truth is that critical aspects like the income tax act require insight, advice and guidance – and that is a role which CRS Technologies takes very seriously.

It is not surprising that, due to popular demand, we are going to re-host the two-day course focused on the income tax act.

This is a comprehensive, value-add course that covers the entire spectrum of this mission-critical payroll legislation.

Topics include 4th and 7th schedule, calculations, retirement reform, the full concept of PAYE, and the realities facing today’s Payroll HR department.

The course is scheduled for 7 and 8 September at our offices in Rivonia, and costs R1 999. Early birds can earn 50 loyalty points off the next training course.

This course is a must for anyone who has anything to do with payroll. We know, as do most decision makers, that payroll is growing in stature and technology is playing an increasingly significant role.

Legislation is always changing and impacts on the daily operation of any company’s payroll and human resources administration.

We encourage all payroll and HR managers, all administrators and key decision makers to take advantage of this offer. PAYE is everyone’s business!

To reserve your spot, please contact Susan Abrahams (011) 259-4700 or Susana@crs.co.za