Founded in 1985 as a South African company, CRS has, to this day, remained a wholly South African owned entity – either independently or as part of a South African group.

This fierce resolve to remain South African has many advantages for us and our clients. It means that we are in control of the on-going development of our system and products, it enables us to decide how the systems evolve with a lot of input from our clients and the market – all this without interference from a foreign party with a different agenda.

Being South African also means that whatever revenue we accrue remains in South Africa – we don’t have to pay dividends to overseas investors, and this in turn feeds the local economy. Speaking of finance, our products are locally developed by our own people, which means that our pricing is local and the development costs are based on the South African market. We don’t work to an overseas price list, and we don’t pay foreign development costs – it also means we can be flexible in how we structure our pricing agreements, such as deferred payments, structured payment schedules etc.

All in all, we believe ‘local is lekker’ and we want to keep it that way!