Let’s face it, the right software in the right place at the right time can make all the difference in today’s market. Businesses that utilise reliable software to strengthen areas like HR, payroll, accounting and business analytics will secure a competitive edge.

But, and this is a big ‘but’, much depends on the kind of software acquired. It is critical for decision makers to ensure that the software solutions they are thinking of bringing into the business can automate manual processes and that the provider has a traceable track record in the market.

Investigate the capability of solutions and the credibility of providers. After all, this is cost to company and long term investment we are talking about.

As experts in the development and integration of software, we are experienced in what works and what doesn’t in the corporate space.

Decision makers that direct growing businesses often procure enterprise software based on perception and what has traditionally been used before – which, as we know, are not always the most accurate or effective way of evaluating the strength/ efficiency of software.

Another facet of software acquisition and integration is that local vendors are often overlooked in favour of international offerings. The fact is that these solutions are not always designed to cater for local needs.

Our advice for local would-be ‘techpreneurs’ is to do their homework, consider their requirements carefully and match it up to solutions from only credible, experienced and established service providers.