HR and recruitment agencies are offering comprehensive human resources software courses to combat the skills shortage

As a developing nation, it’s not unusual that South Africa should be experiencing a skills shortage, say HR and recruitment companies and human resources software courses providers. This is because the economy is growing and new businesses are starting up at a fast rate, while the education system takes longer to develop high quality individuals to take on skilled tasks in the growing economy. Fortunately, at CRS, we’re offering human resources software and training courses that will quickly deliver the skills you need to run your company efficiently.

Our human resources software courses include a diverse range of modules, including training on:

  • Employee Equity
  • Employee relations
  • Self-service HR tasks (Management of leave, personal information, training schedules, etc.)
  • CRS basics
  • Compensation
  • Recruitment
  • Payroll tasks
  • Year-end processes

These modules can be implemented as a whole or customised to address specific skills gaps in your department, ensuring that you are able to train up current employees to high standards without having to spend resources on the costly – and highly competitive – recruitment process. This software is designed as an end-to-end solution that deals with every aspect of your HR portfolio, allowing all tasks to be processed through a single, easy-to-use platform. This results in reduced human errors as information only needs to be entered once and requires no cross-referencing. It also ensures that employees will have access to relevant information at the click of a button for well-informed decision-making. To find out more about our innovative software offering and human resources software courses, visit our website or contact us at CRS today.