Automated payroll solutions can save you time and drive efficiency

Many South African companies are choosing automated payroll software solutions in order to streamline their human resources functions. By making use of the latest technology, these companies are able to save time. For example, the human resources department no longer needs to prepare payroll. Today many companies are choosing automated payroll solutions that automatically calculates the number of days an employee has worked, how much leave they have due and if they are owed any overtime. These solutions can also calculate tax deductions and benefits. As companies grow, preparing payroll becomes a more complex HR function. However, many small to medium enterprises do not have the capacity to work out complicated payroll. Increasingly, even the companies that do have the capacity to prepare payroll manually are finding that by automating their payroll function, they can save valuable time. Regardless of the size of your company, you can benefit from automated payroll software. Once your HR department is freed of the burden of preparing payroll, your department will have more time to invest in employee training and development, ensuring employee wellness and developing strategies that motivate your employees.

Automated payroll solutions make sense

Apart from saving you time, automating your payroll will also eliminate human errors. Factors including benefits, tax, overtime, annual and unpaid leave make preparing payroll a complex HR function. Calculating the various deductions is tricky and people can easily make mistakes. Unfortunately, these mistakes result in staff being over or underpaid. When this happens, your employees are often in the uncomfortable position of having to confront the HR department about their pay. With automated payroll software, your employees’ payroll is accurately and automatically calculated, saving them the time and hassle of having to confront the HR department about miscalculations. With automated payroll, you are also able to instantly assess attendance records and employee costs. Moreover, automated payroll solutions can be customised to alert you about negative trends, such as continued absenteeism. CRS offers a complete automated payroll software solution that takes care of all payroll and payroll associated functions, including leave, loans, salary review, budgeting and compensation management. We have also ensured that the system has a built in security setup that is versatile and comprehensive, allowing users to access authorised information according to pre-defined criteria. To find out more about our automated payroll software solutions, contact CRS today.