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Is Payroll A Pain?

Posted by on Feb 27, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Well, yes, but it does not have to be! With advanced and affordable payroll software in South Africa, you can now invest in one of your company’s most important departments. Everyone knows that the human resources of a company is the business’s most valuable asset and as such should receive due consideration. Many businesses are turning to either outsourcing their payroll services or investing in payroll software to relieve the burden of managing payrolls for the company. With so many software providers available today it has become even more affordable to invest in an adequate and reliable software suite. Benefits of Payroll Software There are many benefits to using payroll software, such as the following: Avoid SARS penalties: Many small businesses are subjected to thousands in late or incorrect filings and payments to SARS. Investing in the correct payroll software will completely eliminate the possibility of this ever happening again. Convenience: Your payroll software will track everything for you, from employees’ sick pay and holiday time accrued to UIF payments that you have to make. Forecasting: With adequate payroll software you will be able to generate expenditure reports at the click of a button. Should you consider hiring someone, you will instantly be able to see what another salary will mean for your bottom line. User friendly applications: You will not have to negotiate complicated regulations or complex tax brackets with payroll software, as it was designed to be user friendly and practically intuitive for the inexperienced payroll officer. Backing up: The software will also allow you to backup all your work so that you are not at the mercy of power outages or temperamental PCs. For a practical and affordable payroll software in South Africa, contact CRS for their fantastic software solutions. Contact CRS for Payroll...

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Payroll administration services

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Small and large businesses benefit from payroll administration services in South Africa due to the resource saving characteristics of these services. Payroll administration allows for huge cost savings by enabling a company to outsource their non-core responsibilities to payroll management companies. This allows the business to concentrate on their core business and direct their focus on making money, while knowing their HR issues are being taken care of by capable professionals. Role of payroll administration services in small and large businesses Payroll administration services comprise of a range of such as the following: Customisable reports on aspects such as cost allocation reports and job cost accounting; Delivery of all pay cheques and stubs; Payroll garnishments, deductions and levies; New hire reporting; Paid leave summary and management; Vacation time and sick day accruals; Wage / hour law compliance. CRS has years of experience offering payroll outsourcing services. They take care of their clients’ payrolls, which allow their clients to take care of their businesses. The outsourcing of all non-core aspects of the business like payroll administration is something that many businesses are turning to. This is evident because of the improved efficiency and reduced operating expenses. CRS’s outsource payroll solution allows you to manage and plan your payroll costs, provide employee benefits while not having to spend more money on new payroll technology. Some of the services offered include: Electronic payment of statutory payments such as UIF and PAYE Processing, reconciliation and the submitting of SARS Year End and EMP 501 IRP5 and IT3A documents Submission of UIF reports Management and standard payroll reports Trust CRS with all your payroll administration services in South Africa. Contact CRS for Payroll Software in South...

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CRS at IPM Annual International Convention

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CRS, A leading HR and Payroll Solutions Company in Africa are making their debut appearance at the IPM Annual International Convention at Sun City! Our CRS team of experts are en-route to Sun City next week to showcase the latest offering in HR and Payroll Solutions for Africa at the IPM Convention. The IPM convention will commence on Sunday 30 October and end on the 2nd of November. The focus of this year’s convention is “Resourcing the Future – Positioning Africa for Success”. The IPM Convention has been ranked as being amongst the most preferred conferences, when compared to similar events internationally. The IPM convention is the perfect platform for companies and HR experts to share their knowledge and experience around the major challenge for leaders in the twenty-first century: “How to release the brain power of their organisations”. According to Elizabeth Mooketsi-Choonara, the IPM Convention Committee Chairperson, the role of Human Resources must parallel the needs of the changing environment. Successful organizations are becoming more adaptive, resilient, quick to change direction and customer-centred. In their roles, the HR Practitioners contribute to the development of the accomplishment of the organization-wide business plan and objectives. This strategic partnership impacts HR services such as the design of work positions; hiring; reward, recognition and strategic pay; performance development and appraisal systems; career and succession planning; and employee development. Recognition of the challenges ahead has compelled IPM to carefully identify and select value adding topics for this Convention. My If you are attending the Convention, we look forward to meet with you at our exhibition stand (#43) to discuss how the various CRS HR & Payroll Solutions can add value and enhance your company’s capability to align your organisation’s talent with your strategic objectives. Two fantastic prizes worth R5k are being given away in a lucky draw – you have to be there to...

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HR and Payroll Software

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Many companies have come to embrace payroll software and the many benefits it poses to their organisations. These vary from the HR payroll software allowing the quicker processing of the company’s payroll accurately, and allowing the elimination of time fraud and the controlling of overtime. These and other benefits of HR payroll software result in increased efficiency in the company’s human resource department. It will also contribute to significantly reducing a company’s payroll preparation expenses, by removing the need for manual data entry. Essential Qualities of HR Payroll Software If you have come to the decision to invest in payroll software for your company, here are some essential qualities that your HR and payroll software suit have to meet: Medium to large companies: For these businesses, it is always best to choose HR payroll software that is able to grow with your company, with add-ons which can be bought later on. User friendly software: This is one of the biggest must-haves that your prospective HR software needs to have. There is no benefit in investing in an application suite which will only serve to frustrate your human resource employees to no end. Multi-application software: Invest in software that can communicate effectively and easily with other software packages. This will also add to the efficiency and user experience of your HR department. How CRS can help you CRS Human Resource and Payroll Solutions is widely considered to be one of the best HR and payroll software solution companies in South Africa. Their suites of HR payroll software products are easy to learn and will add definitive value to your company. CRS also offers training on their software to employees and organisations Contact CRS for HR and Payroll Software in South...

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