With the current uncertainty prevalent within most business markets, the decision to open up a new business has to be made with precision and as much information as possible. There is a great deal of regulation to comply with, a minefield of legislation and governance issues that have to be effectively managed.

This is mandatory for businesses and they have no choice. Failure to comply would effectively ‘blow them out of the water’ before they even have a chance to compete.

This is why we have established the Company Statutory Registrations Services – a comprehensive suite of services that facilitate straightforward compliance with a range of statutory and regulatory bodies.

We can assist any newly established business to register with the CIPC, SARS (for Company Income Tax, Employee PAYE, UIF etc.), UIF and the Department of Labour for COIDA, amongst other services.

With our experience and our collective expertise we can empower clients with the necessary paperwork, the required communication channels and advice to streamline what are otherwise arduous, time-consuming activities.

This is true value-add – CRS style!