One of our senior consultants, Marshall Hanekom, and Warren Barley, a project manager at CRS, recently went to Dubai to meet with business executives from Dubai, Algeria, Senegal and other African countries.

Marshall and Warren were at Pfizer Francophone on 2 May – 10 May 2012 where they attended various workshops to understand the tax needs of business owners and managers in the region.

“We are breaking new ground by starting to understand the tax needs of people in this region,” explains Marshall.
“Dubai was the central meeting place for various stakeholders, so we all got together to share information about how tax laws and legislation work in the various countries,” continues Marshall.

In order to provide relevant solutions for each country, CRS works with various stakeholders to find out how the tax laws of each country works. This information is then sent to the developers at CRS so that they can develop relevant solutions for each country.
New tax table developments, as well as income tax calculations, were discussed for the following countries:

  • Morocco
  • Tunisia
  • Algeria
  • Cameroon
  • Ivory Coast
  • Senegal

Besides the tax table developments, other topics that were discussed included breakdowns of earning and deduction formulas, understanding split allocations, legal reporting and more.

“This type of information sharing will help us to create relevant solutions for different countries. We are looking forward to returning to help our clients with payroll system implementation and other services that CRS offers,” concludes Marshall.