As a leader in the HCM and HR markets, we have a vested interest in helping clients to effectively set up their HR operations and being able to leverage off related processes and procedures.

The CRS HR Business Unit makes available services like HR Business Process-Reengineering, specialised compensation, and compiling HR metrics and statistics.

Re-engineering is an interesting word and pretty relevant to the growth of HR.

Our role is to help organisations redefine workflows and processes in order to streamline these processes, while cutting operational costs.

The HR Business Process Re-engineering team at CRS focuses exclusively on Human Resources processes. The team is able to analyse a company’s workflow and processes to identify those which are disconnected as well as areas where processes can be streamlined.

This service helps companies improve teamwork, increase productivity, reduce costs and implement organisational change.

The key value proposition is the fact that this service is provided on an outsource basis, which automatically means flexibility – clients can utilise what they need, when they need it.

When it comes to issues like cost reduction and operational efficiency, this is the most effective service delivery model and works well to strengthen HR competency and strategy.