CRS Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) training is essential for a streamlined, efficient business

Companies and organisations (both large and small) can benefit greatly from the professional CRS human resources information systems training, in which we train your staff to use our latest and most effective software on the market. Human Resources is a department that incorporates roles that are ever-changing and ever-expanding – and you need to be certain that your HR team is equipped with the software, skills and know-how to best use the software to perform their jobs and contribute to a smoothly running Human Resources Department.

This HRIS software training provided by CRS will equip your staff members with an invaluable, hands-on experience in learning and using the most cutting-edge technologies and software solutions that will help your company move forward.

What following software modules are included in human resources information systems training from CRS?

  • Training & Development module
  • Career & Performance module
  • Employee Relations module
  • Payroll operations module
  • Recruitment module
  • Employment Equity module
  • Leave module

Just a fraction of the tasks that HR staff are responsible for include managing recruitment, employee wellness and safety, improving employee relations and job profiling – and their duties increase daily in our ultra-competitive and all-encompassing business environment. When your staff members are fully trained in the latest software, they will not only be more productive at work but your entire company will also function better as a unit.

All of our software training sessions are conducted in small groups to provide for a completely thorough and hands-on experience – and we guarantee that your HR staff will walk away considering this as exceptional, value-adding training. When your employees are all on the same page as far as inter-company technology and processes are concerned, daily operations flow more smoothly and your business has more opportunities to grow, so why not equip your team with the very best?

To book a software training session or to find out more about our software-orientated human resources training from CRS, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!