Did you know that Human Resources systems offer comprehensive analytics?

At CRS, we offer technologically advanced Human Resources systems that are helping HR professionals across Africa shape the future of their business. The demands and challenges that HR professionals face mean that new solutions are needed. As a leading HR consultancy, we have created a system that gives you all of the solutions you need.

The analytics functionality of CRS’ Human Resources software will help you improve your ability to analyse, interpret and measure rapidly and comprehensively – not only key business metrics, but also HR measures such as employee relations, talent management, governance and compliance, risks and wellness.

What makes this system so unique and intuitive is the fact that it gives you all the information you need, exactly when you need it. The flexible software allows you to drill down into various focus-points that can help your business overcome whatever challenge you are facing. Whether you’re already aware of problem areas or the business intelligence derived from the data surprises you – it’s time to get the information you need to become proactive. The information that our system is able to provide will do exactly that.

Some of the challenges our Human Resources system will help you solve

  • Skills shortages and talent management: Identifying, developing, engaging and retaining talent has never been more critical in the face of talent shortages worldwide. Our system will help you identify where you need to focus your efforts.
  • HR governance: As an HR professional, you need to balance your company’s performance and staffing needs with the required governance and compliance. Our Human Resources system gives you the analytics you need to take guessing out of the equation. Know exactly what needs to be done and when thanks to our comprehensive reports.


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