If you find yourself tired of spending countless hours every month counting work hours and calculating payroll, you can either hire payroll services in South Africa, or invest in payroll software that will speed up the payroll process.  There are tangible advantages and, of course, disadvantages of each of these two options.

Let’s explore some of the differences between payroll services and payroll software and what both of these options can offer your company:

  • Cost: In any struggling economy, cost is always one of the most important aspects corporations take into consideration when thinking about investing in new processes and procedures. Payroll services can likely cost you thousands of Rands each month. The lower the cost of these services, the more work you are likely to spend doing yourself. Payroll software on the other hand will require an annual investment from you but will ultimately perform more duties for less.
  • Security: Companies’ payroll information has to be kept private and secure. Solo accountants and small payroll firms are unlikely to have the same security infrastructure that larger corporations have and their systems might be vulnerable to hacking and data losses. If you intend to hire payroll service from a small firm instead of investing in payroll software then make sure they employ adequate security measures such as password inscription, firewalls and secure data backups.
  • User friendliness and time commitments: While each has its perks, hiring a payroll service or using payroll software still has its drawbacks. If you decide to hire payroll services then you still need to provide them with employee work hours. On the other hand, ifyou use payroll software you need to learn to operate the software sufficiently, or at least invest in training someone in your company to use the software.

How CRS can help you?

CRS offers fantastic payroll services and payroll software in South Africa and assists companies with handling and managing their payroll departments deftly.

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