DIY Human Resources and Payroll: It’s time to empower your employees

More and more HR departments are letting employees manage their leave using DIY Human Resources and Payroll software. HR departments that choose to let employees take control of some aspects of Human Resource and Payroll administration are finding that employees respond well to added responsibility. Most employees resent having HR managers constantly checking up on them, while they view the formal process of applying for leave as a waste of time. Empowering your employees, by giving them the ability to apply for leave and book training through your company’s human resource and payroll module, also alleviates some of the workload carried by your HR department. The HR department can use this freed up time to focus on employee well being and implementing workflow strategies that drive efficiency in your company.

6 Reasons to empower your staff with DIY Human Resources and Payroll

  1. Studies have shown that empowered employees are more motivated to perform at their workplace.
  2. By empowering your employees, you will encourage them to take responsibility for their work and to take ownership of their performance.
  3. Allowing your staff to manage HR and payroll functionality sends a message to your staff that they are valued and trusted.
  4. Empowered employees are more likely to think of new and creative ways to fulfill their job.
  5. Employees that are allowed to manage their record keeping enjoy greater levels of job satisfaction and are more likely to stay at their current place of work.
  6. When your employees feel empowered, they are also more likely to keep your customers happy.

CRS provides DIY Human Resources and Payroll software that empowers your employees by giving them access to HR and Payroll information and functionality. When you use our software, your staff can manage their own record keeping and also monitor their career development. Our software also lets you automate functionality including leave applications, package structuring, performance management, employee relations, training bookings and communications. Contact us today to find out more about our Human Resources and Payroll software.