Improving efficiency in the finance department 

The finance department is at the core of every business, allocating resources to achieve a company’s strategic objectives while at the same time maintaining profitability. In order to carry out its mandate and ensure the company operates successfully, the finance department needs to make informed business decisions. This makes easy access to financial data essential for the finance department to function efficiently.

HR and payroll solutions

CRS do more than simply automate payroll functions. Our solutions provide the financial department with accurate information about a company’s payroll costs. With our solutions, the finance department is able to measure payroll costs across the company and also isolate costs per department or by region.

Companies with branches in other countries can also benefit from CRS’ solutions because our solutions can automate payroll in different currencies and also calculate the various payroll costs in the currency used at the head office. This gives your finance department the ability to measure exactly what your payroll costs are, which makes reporting that much easier. CRS can also assist with keeping the financial department up to date with new tax legislation, not only in SA, but throughout Africa.

CRS provides end-to-end solutions that can be tailored to suit a company’s individual needs. It doesn’t matter if you operate a small business or a multi-national company; CRS has a solution that will meet your needs. Our solutions are also scaleable and flexible so that they allow for growth and change within an organisation.

Payroll solutions

When you partner with us for payroll solutions, we do more than automate your payroll function, we provide your finance department with instant access to accurate information about your payroll costs. With this information at the tip of its fingers, your financial department is better placed to make financial decisions that will allow your company to prosper. With our HR and payroll solutions, you can focus on your business while we set these processes and procedures in place for you.

To learn more about how we can simplify the tasks of your finance department, contact us today.