Five tips to boost employee engagement in your company

CRS is proud to provide employee engagement software designed to align and engage your workforce and give you a competitive edge in today’s business world. According to Gallup Group’s 2013 worldwide workplace survey, organisations that collaborate with staff to achieve goals and distinguish an experience of the firm get 147% better total returns for shareholders than their rivals. Interested to know how you can boost employee engagement? Here are five useful tips:

  1. Recognition and rewards. Every staff member wants to know they are valued and that they’re doing a great job. Bosses and management need to make an effort to recognise and reward employees who deserve it, whether it’s a simple recognition message or an employee of the month award.
  2. Show a genuine interest in your people. The contact you have with your staff shouldn’t be limited to conference calls and meetings. Let them know you care about how they feel about the company and their role.
  3. Talk to your staff about opportunities for growth, about their career plans and ensure they are fulfilled and satisfied in their current roles.
  4. Use employee engagement surveys. Take advantage of the numerous employee engagement survey resources and find out what your staff really thinks. This helps you identify and address key issues and concerns.
  5. Define your goals in realistic, relatable terms. Your employees work with you to achieve your business goals, so talk to them about what you want to achieve and the important roles they will play in achieving them. 

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