Did you ever get the feeling that perhaps you or your current employees shouldn’t be doing the payroll? There are several tell-tale signs that should indicate to you that it might be time to consider outsourcing your payroll, rather than keeping it in house, or having to pay the expensive fees of adding a salary employee to your workforce just to handle employee pay slips. However, if you aren’t quite sold that you’ve got all the symptoms of someone who needs to consider having the work pushed out of your office a bit, here are four signs that you should be outsourcing your payroll.

Regular Mistakes

Let’s face it, we’re all human and everyone makes mistakes. But there’s nothing that any employee hates more than payday being pushed out a few days. If you have honest employees, you’ll also find they aren’t fans of having to turn the pay slip in to get a new one due to mistakes either. Once every six months or so, these types of errors might be tolerable, but if you notice them occurring quite often, outsourcing your payroll is probably for you.

Out of Time

If you spend more than 2 hours of your work week doing payroll, then you need to consider outsourcing the work to a reliable company. Payroll is definitely an important part of employee satisfaction, but you have more important things to do, like work to make your business money. If you’re stuck doing 3-5 hours of payroll work every other week, you’re losing valuable time, and possibly money.

An Employee Just for Payroll

Similar to the “Out of Time” sign, if you’ve got an employee whose sole purpose is to handle payroll for your small business, then you’ve been doing it wrong the whole time. You could be cutting down the necessary hours of a payroll employee simply by outsourcing the work that needs to be done.

Complicated Hours

Sure, you might be able to handle a few employees running the same hours every week, but if your employee schedules don’t consist of a “set it and forget it” way of life, then outsourcing would be a viable option. People’s hours change regularly, and for you to be able to manage and organise these times on your own simply isn’t a feasible option. To learn more about outsourcing payroll in South Africa, contact CRS today!