Payroll and HR solutions for the health care industry

Our one-stop payroll and HR solution for companies in the health care sector ensures effective Talent Management to enable you to retain your qualified staff, forecast  training needs and provide a transparent and professional interface for your team.

As an organisation in the health care sector, you are undoubtedly faced with a unique set of challenges, including:

  • Skills shortages;
  • The need for training and development of your staff;
  • Ensure vital certification monitoring;
  • Provide an accurate and professional payroll and communication solution for your staff.

There are many ways in which our HR and payroll solution has been tailored to meet your needs.

Talent Management and Organisational Planning 

Our solution enables you to easily identify key employees and track their performance within your company. Our program uses the balanced scorecard,  360 degree assessments and nine box grid methodologies , which enables assessors to determine an employee’s participation and performance in order to help you plan for career growth and training within your company.

As a health care provider, you know exactly how crucial it is to ensure that your staff have the right qualifications and that they receive the necessary certification when needed. Our group-wide payroll and HR solution can track and project any training needs.

Identify gaps and recruitment needs 

Our solution will help you identify gaps and vacancies across various hospitals (or other health care institutions) across various provinces.  It also enables users to keep comprehensive records of the applicants, such as the demographics, biographical details, previous employment, qualifications, references, skill and personality profiles etc.

In order to help your HR department with the recruitment process, our solution provides users with a comprehensive interview guide. It also keeps records of all pre-employment test results thus ensuring compliance with the latest legislative requirements.

Payroll solutions that help you budget

One of the key features of our payroll solution is its Budgeting Module. Budgets can be created for each payroll on the system, for a specific budgeting period Budgets can be set for different levels, for example by position, by department or by cost centre.

If you want an accurate business solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your company, partner with CRS. Contact us to find out more about our payroll and HR solutions.