Here’s why you need an HR software programme that’s highly integrated and promotes information sharing

When your business is considering implementing a cutting-edge HR software programme, it’s vital that you select one that has a high level of integration and the ability to share information quickly and easily. Here’s why:

  1. Greater efficiency: In this department there tends to be a significant overlap in data, for example, between payroll and general HR functions like leave, employment records and so forth. Using highly integrated software means that you avoid carrying duplicate information in several different databases. Not only does this reduce time-consuming administrative duties, but it also prevents inaccuracies.
  2. Greater ease of reporting and management: Because all data about an employee – from their pay, position and personal information to their employment conditions – can be made available simultaneously, it makes it easy for management. The employee and the HR department to access what they need, when they need it. This way, there’s no need for cross-referencing or waiting on data to be made available.
  3. Reduced training expenses: By training your employees to use a single platform, your company will only have to participate in one training course and pay for one license – saving significant costs.
  4.  Increase self-sufficiency: Integrated HR software programmes have self-service functions that give employees the ability to manage their own leave, training bookings, internal communications and package structuring. This greater control plays a solid role in increasing self-sufficiency, empowering employees and increasing morale.
  5. Greater productivity: The driving force behind HR software is to increase productivity by streamlining business processes. Integrated software that allows employees to get the information they need quickly and pass it on to relevant parties with the click of a button allows your staff to deal with administrative issues rapidly and move on to core business functions.

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