How human resources software empowers your employees to self-manage

There are many ways to empower your employees. Taking time to listen to them, communicating clear task objectives and company goals, tapping into their talents and utilising their strengths, coaching them toward success instead of managing them and giving them feedback regarding their performance are some of the most effective ways of getting the best out of the people you employ. Another practical way of enabling your workforce is to create a sense of contribution by allowing them to self-manage.

By cultivating a Human Resources do-it-yourself culture in your company, you are empowering employees to take responibility for managing their performance. This motivates them to track their own growth, inspires them to achieve by being purpose driven. Human Resource software also creates a better platform for communication and teamwork, as company events or information can be passed on to workers quickly, simultaneously and ensures a fast response time. In a corporate environment, where hundreds or thousands of employees need to be managed, this tool is the backbone of the company, providing comprehensive HR functionality and support.

CRS DIY, a product offered by CRS HR & Payroll Solutions, is a unique easy-to-use web-based HR solution designed for employees and managers with on-line access to Human Resource and Payroll information and functionality. The user friendly Communications Module also provides the ability to do on-line staff surveys and drives regular updating of personal information and bulk notifications via sms or email.

This application enables staff and offers solutions to:

  • Maintaining their personal record keeping.
  • Monitoring their personal career development.
  • Managing leave applications.
  • Package structuring.
  • Performance Management.
  • Employee Relations.
  • Training Bookings.
  • Communications.

Entrust your employees to expand your business through expanding their accountability. For more info on this and our other amazing products and services speak to one of our expert Consultants. Contact us today!