How the right human resources software solution can help your company achieve optimal compliance and data accuracy

Why does your business need human resources solutions? If you have employees, you need to ensure your company is compliant with approximately 12 different labour laws. Of course labour law in SA is constantly changing and only with the right human resources tools can you ensure your business keeps up to date with these and remains compliant. Non-compliance with legislation could lead to a hefty financial fine being presented to your business.

How can you ensure your business is compliant with the various legislations in place? By making use of the right human resources software and being advised by specialists in the field you can ensure your compliance is guaranteed. When making use of HR software, you can expect updates on legislation and regulations to be distributed to you on a regular basis. The software should be able to update its data and ensure everything is being correctly recorded and managed.

By recoding and managing all aspects of the business’ HR functions, your trusted software can cater to the following areas of your business, maintaining compliance and ensuring ongoing accuracy:

  • Recruitment of qualified individuals.
  • Training of staff members.
  • Employee relations.
  • Employment equity.
  • Performance management.
  • Safety.
  • Wellness.

With the right HR team and software you can also ensure your business is compliant with the various labour acts, such as those aimed at basic conditions of employment, income tax, tax administration, medical schemes, pensions, consumer protection, skills development and so on.

Human resources solutions supplied by CRS

At CRS we supply our clients with access to human resources solutions that are designed according to the diverse needs of various markets. Our software ensures compliance on all levels and can be regularly updated to ensure the system changes as the labour laws and acts do.

To learn more about our human resources solutions, contact us at CRS today.