How to Choose Between Human Resources Outsourcing or Updating Your Human Resources Software

Human Resources are a critical component of any business and of employee well-being. The responsibilities of this department are numerous and inextricably connected to the law; poor management of this department could result in a law suit or other problematic legal ramifications. Therefore, it is important to seriously consider the best way your business can run this department.

There are benefits to both HR Outsourcing and to updating your HR Software. CRS is a South African HR and Payroll solutions company that is a leader in its field and addresses the above factors. This renowned enterprise offers innovative and comprehensive software as well as external consulting services, so you can choose which is best suited to your company.

Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Time. Some companies do not have the time to develop a fully functioning HR department. They also might not have the expertise to deal with the maze of legalese involved in this. Outsourcing allows for HR professionals to get the job done and for your company to focus on its other priorities.
  • Flexibility. CRS holds flexible terms. Outsourcing can save money as services are offered through a consultant or temporary/part-time contractors and assistants. This can be arranged on an ad hoc or semi-permanent basis depending on the company’s budget and needs.
  • Interaction. CRS services are based on real people and interaction. They offer advice on automating processes, assist with reports and can even train staff on HR reporting, amongst other tasks.

Benefits of Updating Software

  • Convenience. Data can be accessed at the click of a button, whenever required. Nobody else needs to be contacted and no time wasted. CRS Analytics is a tool which gives instant, up to date data and helps managers make rapid, informed assessments.
  • Communication. Employees can communicate with managers on goals and progress can be tracked systematically, allowing for empirical accuracy.
  • Simplicity. Advanced software from CRS does not mean advanced skills are needed. The interface is easy to use and the DIY component is web based and allows employees to take responsibility for their own experience, such as applications for leave.

There are clear advantages in both methods. When considering which is best for you, it is important to understand how each method has different advantages. Being informed and using a reputable company such as CRS means there is no way to make a mistake.

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