HR & Payroll Intelligence Solutions

CRS Technologies has a thirty year track record in HR and payroll intelligence solutions development and integration.

Our core strength lies in the supply of technology that will add value to any sized business- we have the expertise and product knowledge to guarantee a technology fit for any business, at any phase in its development.

Over the years we have focused on flexibility, security and agility – critical aspects of any credible innovation.

We are passionate about making sure that our technology adds value from the outset.

To do this we have established an HR & Payroll Compliance silo as a key part of our business – including health checks, in-house strategy & support, best practice design, implementation and execution, as well as education.

All these areas of compliance are relevant to today’s market and speak to the need for business decision makers to invest in end-to-end compliance.

Those familiar with our business recognise our tagline – ‘real business solutions’ and this is a powerful description of what we do and why we do it.

With so much technology available and so much choice, clearly there is a need for vendors to differentiate themselves quickly and effectively.

We believe we have done just that – established a leadership position in market, and done so with sustainability in mind.