More and more medium to large companies are taking advantage of the many benefits associated with modern HR payroll software. As any organisation knows, its most valuable asset is its human resources and investing in an adequate payroll software suite is a direct investment in the company.

Payroll software takes away many of the mundane and time consuming tasks which clog up human resource departments all the time. From enabling employees to be completely self-serving with regards to their off time and leave applications to reducing the costs of preparing the company’s payroll, there are many ways to add efficiency to your Human Resource department with HR payroll software.

How to add efficiency to your HR Department by using Payroll softwares?

Here are a few ways to add to the efficiency of your Human Resource department by investing in HR payroll software:

  • Save on labour: Human resource staff will have more time to spend on important tasks instead of having to manually enter data capturing such as capturing leave requests and sick day and overtime calculations.
  • Economising of Expenses: Costs associated with the preparation of the business’s payroll is significantly reduced.
  • Accuracy: Time fraud will be eliminated and overtime will be better controlled. Administrators will also process the payroll faster, and with more accuracy.

How CRS can help you

With years of experience developing cutting edge HR payroll software that is up to date with the latest SARS regulations, CRS has the human resource payroll software solution for your business. Their suite of Human Resource software products are regarded as the industry standard by many industry professionals. CRS also hosts training for all their products, ensuring that your HR staff hit the ground running and helping them to run their departments effectively and efficiently.

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