If you’ve finally convinced yourself that payroll software may be a step in the right direction for both you and your company, then you want to make sure the employees in your HR department are aware of what payroll software does and doesn’t do.

While the initial process may be slightly complicated during onboarding, once you’re completely signed up, the process is almost automated, and only requires your HR team to input a few variables that change from employee to employee. Here’s a quick 101 guide to what your HR team can expect once your payroll software is fully installed.

Full Vacation and Sick Time Management

Before software, it’s most likely that your HR team was manually managing vacation and sick time, assuring that employees get paid for the days they take off, while they don’t abuse the system at the same time. Payroll software handles all of that. Simply input each time the employee takes off, and the software will update their available time accordingly, and notify you of any overages.

Tax Management

Keeping your taxes in line on both the local and national level is always a tricky one. Once you’ve imported your tax rules into the payroll software, the job is done. Not only will your employee be taxed appropriately, but you’ll be notified of any tax payments that you need to make based on an employee’s salary or wages.

Check Printing

Your HR team will no longer be required to fill in checks using software such as Quicken. Payroll software can do this as well. You simply need to sign the checks and distribute as necessary. Or you may not even need to distribute at all as you’ll see in our next point.

Direct Deposit

Finally, HR can now accept direct deposit as a preferred method of payment. By allowing the software to connect to the respective bank accounts, the money in your business’ account is wired electronically to your employee’s bank account (with their consent, of course), which takes a lot of the leg work out of getting checks signed and approved by your accounting department.
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