There are many HR companies in South Africa proclaiming that their HR payroll software is superior to any other payroll software. It can be difficult to get behind the over embellished -marketing campaigns and get to the practical details that separates an average software application from truly rich featured and effective payroll software that adds value to a company.

More and more companies are identifying the benefits associated with investing in an effective HR payroll software application, such as the easy control of overtime and accurate capturing of data, etc. But there are certain things to keep in mind when looking for the HR Company to provide you with these features.

Tips to find the best HR Payroll Software and Solutions Company

Here are some tips to finding the best HR payroll software and solutions company in South Africa:

  • Ongoing support: When investing in a suite of HR payroll software products, you need to know that you will have the backing of the software company in future. This may range from product support to staff training on the products – this type of support cannot be emphasized enough
  • SARS and legislation compliant: Tax and Labour laws in South Africa are constantly changing and evolving. Choose an HR company that is keeps their software suites updated with the latest laws and legislation.
  • Integration capabilities: No company needs a software application which works independently and is unable to integrate with other software applications. This will make the software difficult and frustrating to operate.

How CRS can help you

CRS is the premier HR Company in South Africa, with a host of HR payroll software applications and solutions for South African HR departments. Their industry experience in providing their clients with tailored payroll software solutions have garnered them a well-deserved industry reputation for being the leading HR Company in the country.

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