Effective HR payroll software tracks employees’ remuneration, day off accruals, employee sick leave and calculates overtime, all at the click of a button. This type of Payroll Software also enables the organisation’s staff to be completely self-serving. Employees can use HR software to manage and request their holiday time, and managing their own absence.

No HR department wants, or needs to input this type of information manually into the system. Not having to manually manage this type of information for each employee will save the business lots of time and resources.

Importance of HR Payroll Software

There are various reasons why the importance of HR payroll software should be taken into consideration:

  • Non-labour intensive: The need for labour intensive tasks such as manual data capturing is eliminated, leaving your staff with more time to spend on important matters.
  • Increased accuracy: HR administrators will be able to process the payroll faster and more accurately, and control overtime and eliminate time fraud.
  • Reduction in expenses: The Company’s payroll preparation expenses are reduced since the number of staff required to prepare the payroll is also sharply reduced.

How CRS can help you

For an end-to-end human resource management and remuneration software solution, CRS offers industry celebrated HR payroll software aimed at medium to large entities. Their Human Resource Modules cater for the recording and managing of all related HR information, into a user friendly application designed with ease of use in mind.

CRS offers training on all their HR payroll software applications and products, helping their customers get the most value out of the products and adding value to their companies.

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