HR solutions: Here’s how our business process re-engineering is changing the way South African companies are doing business

Business process re-engineering and the added HR solutions benefits help businesses in South Africa not only to improve complicated and inefficient business processes, but also to relieve the problems that dysfunctional processes can create. Inefficient processes can make a manager’s and their employees’ lives a living nightmare!

The Importance of Efficient Processes:

Unsatisfied customers, missed deadlines, stressed employees and increased costs are but a few of the problems that dysfunctional processes can create. CRS focuses on showing you how to streamline the way you and your team work and how to follow certain steps that will help make for fewer errors and delays, less duplication of work and less wasted resources. These steps will not only cut down on costs, but will also lead to employees and customers feeling more satisfied. Business process re-engineering does exactly what it says it does, it re-engineers all the processes of a business to work well together, with instant improvement seen on efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction. By adopting HR solutions and continuous improvement strategies such as Kaizen, it is possible to make small adjustments on a regular basis which will lead to significant changes. Key steps in Kaizen include:

  1. Map all the processes.
  2. Analyse the processes.
  3. Re-design the processes.
  4. Acquire the resources needed.
  5. Implement way to change dysfunctional processes into a streamlined business process, which works in the South African business environment. Our business process re-engineering staff will lead you step-by-step with HR solutions tailored to suit your needs!