Human Resource challenges in the face of a changing South Africa

One of the biggest challenges facing the South African economy is a skills shortage – something that especially impacts on the Human Resources section of every company. Companies are keen to get into the South African market because of the opportunities it presents, but are unable to gain the flexibility and skills needed to support their growth and evolution.

This skills shortage is a national problem – whether it is because graduates are being headhunted by overseas businesses or because there simply aren’t enough qualified people coming out of tertiary educations to support the multitude of businesses who are demanding them. If your company is struggling to find the right people to manage your Human Resources functions or can’t find the right skillsets to stay up to date, there is a solution for you – outsourcing.

How can outsourcing help your company?

  1. Free up your staff. HR functions can easily become time-consuming and overwhelming, especially if processes are being handed over to people that don’t have the skills and experience to handle them. Free up your staff to focus on core business functions and leave your HR functions in the hands of external professionals – their performance is guaranteed and will give you peace of mind.
  2. Achieve maximum flexibility. As your business grows, it needs to change and evolve. You may need more staff at certain times of the year or even need different functions taken care of that your original staff has little expertise in. Rather than hiring more employees and expanding your department – which can be time-consuming as well as expensive – outsource your needs to a professional supplier. They can supply you with full or part-time professional, guaranteed service at a moment’s notice and redeploy their people as soon as your needs decrease, letting you evolve quickly with your business needs.
  3. Streamline services and save money. When a professional consultant looks through your HR functions, they can see exactly where your processes can be improved and where you may be missing opportunities. Not only will your department function more efficiently, they will save you money by reducing wastage.

South Africa is a challenging place in which to run a company, but it holds great rewards for those that embrace and overcome its challenges! Contact CRS today and find out more about our Human Resources solutions.