The past few decades have seen a shift in the way companies manage strategies related to their human resource management in South Africa. In the past, human resource management might have only entailed the hiring and payment of the company’s workforce, whereas today it now describes all the procedures employed to manage the workforce of the entire organisation. Companies have come to realise that the old cliché still rings true: their most valuable asset is their employees.

Key factors of human resource management include the recruitment of staff, the training of staff and performing performance appraisals, among others. Here are some of the benefits effective human resource management will hold for your company:

  • Training and recruitment services: This remains one of the most important aspects of any human resource management company or team. Human resource managers are tasked with developing strategies on how to go about hiring the best available talent on the market. They are also responsible for designing the criteria for the job specifications of a certain role and formulating the obligations the employee will have to meet in the role. They can also present training seminars and materials to the employees.
  • Performance appraisals: Effective human resource management encourages individuals in the organisation to work to the best of his or her ability. Managers communicate all the relevant info employees will need with regards to their performance and how they can improve.
  • Managing disputes: There are various areas and issues where disputes can arise between employees and management of a company. In this instance, human resource management will act as a mediator between the different parties.

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