Want your employees to become more independent and proactive?

Considering the amount of time HR departments spend on paperwork, it is no surprise that employee self-service is now becoming an integral part of human resources software. When you grant employees direct access to their HR information, you cut costs by decreasing the burden on your HR and this is a great way to boost employee morale.

If you believe in giving your workers responsibility and distributing the workload of your business evenly, then implementing employee self-service is a great place to start. By automating activities such as leave applications, training bookings and employee relations, you empower your staff to maintain and track their own personal career development.

How HR software can encourage independence

  • Employee satisfaction. By giving employees control over and access to their HR information, you create a sense of trust. Trust breeds good working relationships and a happy work force will be more inclined towards productivity and initiative.
  • Save time. Employees no longer have to waste valuable time going through extensive enquiry processes. HR and payroll software solutions create a platform where all information is readily available to employees. This encourages staff to independently seek out answers to queries.
  • Data accuracy. When you encourage your employees to update their own information, they will immediately want to make sure it is accurate so that they do not lose out when it comes to benefits. This offers incentives for employees to accurately input data.
  • Incentive to grow. A self-service option in your human resources solutions places the power to grow within the business in the hands of your employees. When seeking to fill new positions, employees now have the opportunity to indicate interest directly, this drives initiative and productivity.
  • Cost saving. By explaining to your employees how they will benefit from cutting costs on HR solutions, you will encourage them to actively take part in the self-service option and encourage independence.

CRS Technologies offers world class payroll solutions for businesses nationwide. Our DIY self-service option is perfect for creating a driven and independent work force and is guaranteed to benefit your business by improving communication and employee relations. To learn more about our revolutionary software solutions, contact us.