Human resources solutions and your workforce: When is the best time to have performance reviews?

We are proud to provide South African businesses with comprehensive human resources solutions that help them streamline HR and payroll processes and increase operational efficiency. HR and payroll are essential departments in every company and if these departments don’t function properly it can cause big problems for the rest of the business. In today’s competitive business climate you can’t afford to fall behind.

Performance reviews are a key function of HR departments and you may be wondering when the best time is to conduct them. The large majority of businesses conduct performance reviews at one of two times: on the anniversary of an employee’s start date, or the reviews are held on the same date for everyone in the company. Whether you want to conduct anniversary reviews or same date reviews is up to you, but your HR staff will undoubtedly play a key role in the performance review process.

Some companies experience “slow months”, meaning business is slower than usual during these particular months. This can be an excellent time to conduct performance reviews because you can review peoples’ performances during the busy months and you won’t be interrupting your staff’s workflow. Ultimately, you have to decide which option works best for your company and your staff and it’s worth asking for your employees’ opinions because their feedback is valuable.

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