Improve Data Security with Leading Human Resources Software

CRS is a renowned Payroll and Human Resources integrated software solutions company in southern Africa. Their innovative systems help secure your business through a range of techniques and software which focuses on HR and streamlining the processes that occur within. HR is an increasingly valuable asset to any business and therefore it is necessary to give it the attention it deserves. With CRS software all HR related information can be recorded and managed. Our software is a platform to manage your entire employee life cycle in one contained place which helps with data security, as information is kept in a technology based setting and can be backed up and monitored. We offer an end-to-end solution which encompasses all aspects of the HR function and can be implemented gradually through a phased approach or in a modular fashion.

Here are some key points our services and software provides:

  • Locally developed solutions that are tailored to the size of your business
  • On-going training, maintenance and product enhancements
  • Assist with producing ever-important Employment Equity Reports
  • Job evaluation
  • Benchmarking HR policies to the current changes in the markets
  • Audits and assessment of workflow processes within HR
  • Advice on automating HR processes
  • Real-people solutions

This is simply a selection of our extensive HR related services. Our software is ideal as we eliminate paper-based reports and deliver real time data based on fact, rather than vague summations of “what if” situations. Our business intelligence is instant and relevant. Owing to this efficient analytic function which forms part of our HR and Payroll Software Solutions module, managers are able to make decisions quickly and decisively. Uncomplicated user interface and access to historical data make CRS Analytics an ideal solution to your HR and data security requirements. People are the most crucial asset to a company. Employees form the foundation of a successful enterprise and understanding how to improve your company lies in understanding the profiles of those within it. CRS can save you time and money. It is an intelligent business tool specifically designed to manage your human capital strategy. If you are interested in our efficient software and services please do not hesitate to contact us.