Employee time management can not only be better instituted by our HR software and payroll software, but employees taking responsibility for their work and for themselves can lead to a bigger and better bottom-line and overall increased productivity and efficiency in your business. Managing a business is never easy and managing employees can often be a very difficult and sometimes even impossible task.  By logging how employees do their work and what tasks they perform to get the job done, several steps can be taken to get office productivity back on track and up to standard.

Some of the benefits of engaging your employees through in-touch HR software:

  • When you enable employee self-service and access to a comprehensive employee database, you ensure this vital employee related information remains current without tedious data entry to be done by HR.
  • By giving employees access to basic employee facing processes and to information about the people in their team, you empower them in their day-to-day functioning, without the need for HR to spend time on these repetitive tasks.
  • Automated leave and attendance processes, reporting tools and better leverage to real-time data help make for better decisions and help to empower employees to make better decisions through self-service. With this self-service option, employee queries about leave balance and adjustments, attendance, etc. can be answered quickly and accurately.
  • HR professionals can utilise HR software analytics and reporting tools to manage talent effectively in the workplace and make accurate and informed people-related decisions based on real-time results, which frees up management time.
  • Through self-service portals, employees are able to file for reimbursements and have access to compensation policies. Being transparent lets employees focus more on what they do best. By making use of payroll software that gives clear overviews and statistics employees are able to track and analyse how much time they spend on various tasks, projects and the billable time spent on each project.

Empower your employees to be more self-sufficient and increase operational efficiency at the same time, today. Equip managers with the tools that make it easier to complete their daily  tasks, while raising productivity by empowerment and lowering costs by saving time on tedious and repetitive work.

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