A significant part of our value proposition to the market is empowerment through education, and we believe information is a powerful tool to keep our clients ahead of developments within HR and HCM.

And we don’t have to look far for an example of significant change in legislation that impacts directly on operations.

In July we will host a two-day course that will offer a comprehensive overview of the Income Tax Act.

The comprehensive course will cover all aspects of the Act that impacts on payroll, including detail on the 4th and 7th schedule, and respective calculations.

This course will add immense value to payroll and HR managers, administrators and – as we have marketed – just about all stakeholders in business. This is because PAYE affects us all!

The detailed overview of the Income Tax Act is imperative for those who want to understand the full concept of PAYE and the legislation that governs it.

Equally important, it will provide insight to better understand your duty and risk in the payroll HR department.

Tax is a major influence in the daily operations of any business, in any sector or industry. Information and insight can only improve a decision maker’s ability to manage this function in the best interests of the business.

For more information or if you would like to attend the training, please contact us.