Payroll and HR solutions for every industry

We offer solutions for any industry even the most complex verticals:  retail, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, health care, mining, financial services and the communications industry. If you want a truly flexible, technologically advanced payroll and HR solution, you need to find out more about what CRS can do for the following industries:

  • Retail: Identify skills shortages, training needs and equity planning. We can help you with e-commerce migration, organisational planning and a range of other challenges. Find out more about our solutions for the retail industry.
  • Manufacturing: Meet labour legislation, health and safety regulations and employment equity regulations with ease. Get the tools you need to effectively manage a diverse staff and plan for your company’s future. Find out more about our solutions for the manufacturing industry.
  • Pharmaceutical: Simplify global transfers and placements, recruit and retain the right people and identify training and certification needs with our HR and payroll solution. We can optimise your talent management and organisation planning thanks to our solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Health care: Ensure vital certification monitoring, identify skills shortages and provide an accurate and professional payroll and communication solution for your staff with our HR and payroll solutions for the health care industry.
  • Mining: Adhere to strict labour legislation, employment equity legislation and safety regulations while providing your staff with the communication tools they need to enhance their work experience.
  • Financial services: CRS offers a technologically advanced payroll and HR solution that will help you identify skills shortages, training opportunities and equity planning. Read about our solutions for the financial services industry.
  • Communications: We can help you reduce payroll fraud as well as provide you with the HR management, training and communication tools you need to effectively manage your payroll and staff in the communications industry.