Some would argue that South Africa is one of the most regulated markets in Africa – and there is some truth to this, certainly from an HR and labour relations point of view.

Companies have to take cognisance of a range of legislation that has been introduced to govern everything from tax to internal human resource management/ processes and procedures as well as payroll administration.

So, there is a very good reason for the introduction of the Africa Employment Legislation Library, an international initiative focused on information share.

This is a true value add to the market because it is set up to help users with challenges pertaining to the legal, practical and other payroll considerations.

CRS Technologies has been established to add value to the HCM and HR markets, and it is for this reason that we hope key industry bodies, like the South African Payroll Association (SAPA) and Payroll Authors Group (PAG), will come on board and share this valuable resource.

This is a first for South Africa and an exciting development in the growth of this industry – one that could have far-reaching implications locally and for the rest of the continent.

Africa Legislation pools together data that is often hard to come by. HR and HCM legislation differs from region to region and it is difficult for companies to know precisely what works, when and where. This is the beauty of the Library portal – a direct effective channel to extract relevant information whenever it is required.

This reputable source of valuable information is what helps to differentiate CRS Technologies within the Africa market.

We are very excited to support and endorse this initiative and we know that it is a game-changer.