Is your current payroll software negatively affecting your company’s performance?

If you’re searching for industry leading South African payroll software for your business, CRS is proud to provide industry leading payroll solutions which streamline the entire payroll process and makes your company’s workflow as smooth as possible. Your current payroll software may be negatively affecting your company’s performance and here’s how:

  • It isn’t customised to your specific business needs. No two businesses have the same payroll processes, therefore each company deserves a customised solution which helps them achieve their business goals and simplify their payroll processes.
  • It isn’t all-inclusive. Your payroll software should not only include paying invoices and employee pay-cheques. It should also include loans, creditors, salary reviews, budgeting, compensation management and staff leave.
  • It isn’t user-friendly. Everyone in the payroll department should be able to access and use your payroll software with ease. If only one or two people are trained to use it, this can hinder progress and affect company performance.
  • It isn’t entirely computer-based. Eliminating stacks of paper makes it less likely that important payroll documents will get lost, misplaced or end up in the wrong hands. By moving your payroll processes entirely online, the process becomes more streamlined.

CRS’s payroll solutions can be implemented quickly and easily without disrupting your company’s workflow. Before deciding on what type of payroll software is best for your business, we’ll sit down with you and thoroughly assess your current payroll process and your payroll needs. This allows us to create a tailored payroll programme suited to your company’s specific requirements.

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