Keeping your workforce’s competitive edge by investing in human resource training

The business world and more specifically Payroll solutions and HR solutions around us, are becoming increasingly more complex and to maintain the competitive edge requires constant out-of-the-box inventiveness. Sustainability, technologically advanced software and focusing efforts on training and development plays a crucial role in remaining competitive. By doing so, a company eliminates inefficiency and starts adding value to their product or service, as well as empowering the worker to achieve his full potential. This also helps employees understand how their work influences the company’s performance and benefits them in the long run.

Factors to consider before investing in training:

  • Is the training relevant and suitable for your company’s requirements?
  • Is the training user-friendly and will it be easily implementable?
  • What are the cost implications vs. the return on investment for training?
  • Who will be required to undergo the training?
  • Will the training be outdated in the near future?
  • Does the training have long term benefits?

The advantages of Human resources training:

  • It improves job knowledge and skills.
  • Creates a better corporate image.
  • Saves the company money by reducing the time spent on tasks.
  • Saves on consumables such as stationery.
  • Requires less office space, because information is processed and stored electronically.
  • Minimises human error.
  • Processing data quicker makes reporting more readily available.
  • Reports can be analysed more efficiently.
  • Workers can use the extra available time to attend to value added tasks

Our Training Facilitators at CRS HR & Payroll Solutions, offer professional training in small, interactive groups and are all experienced Consultants in the various CRS Modules. Training is available at all our Regional Offices throughout South Africa. For more info on products and services, or to book a training course, contact us today and partner with us to maintain the competitive edge!