Legislation training is an important part of human resource management

Is your Human Resource management team really up-to-date on all the HR laws and legislation in South Africa? What about your HR staff, the people recruiting for your company and the people who handle dismissals? In today’s economic climate, you need to make sure that your team is equipped with all the right knowledge regarding HR legislation. So where do you start? Reading through piles of documentation on official websites could take years. Instead of wondering whether you’re doing the right thing, following the correct procedures and filing the right documentation, rather get the right information from the pros at CRS. CRS, an outsourced HR solutions provider, offers HR legislation training.

The course outline includes the following:

  • Aim and objectives of the Acts governing Skills in South Africa
  • The workplace skills plan and annual training reports
  • Reason for producing the WSP and ATR reports
  • Organising framework for occupations (OFO)
  • Classification of occupations on the organizing framework for occupations
  • Definition of scarce and critical skills
  • What is reported in the WSP/ATR
  • Occupational Categories/Groups
  • Report requirements

If you want to make sure you understand WSP and ATR reports as well as the reporting requirements and associated risks relating to OFO, then it’s time to book your spot at one of CRS’ workshops. The workshops, which are held at Centric Court, Mellis Road in Rivonia, Johannesburg, are held every couple of months. Find out more about our Human Resource management legislation training. Contact CRS today.