Dave Philp and myself have just returned from the US where we were fortunate enough to attend a leadership and business excellence seminar at the Disney Institute. We were delighted to see that South Africa can hold its head high when it comes to good governance, recruitment policies and living our brand.

We do however, still have many opportunities to learn from our peers, and next month we will share our experience and take-outs. For this month, please take some time to think about your company’s environmental impact. Read on to learn about  Green IT trends and how environmental policies will soon start to affect the South African business environment.

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HR and IT join forces in a green mind shift

It is World Environment Day on June 5th, when we will be reminded of the fact that we are destroying our planet faster than we are replenishing it. World scientific consensus requires carbon emissions to be 80% lower by the year 2050 and companies are again being called upon to examine their environmental conscience.

Last year, 68% of the JSE Top 100 Companies voluntarily made public their carbon emissions and, just as equity in the workplace was enforced, green audits and carbon disclosure policies will become part of our business landscape too. The World Trade Organisation is already looking to bring in cap-and-trade taxes, which will allow companies to trade in emissions. As a signatory, South Africa’s Department of Trade and Industry will be quick to ratify any agreements reached at the global level.

IT has a significant part to play in greening a company. Many companies have already opted for the more obvious green initiative in power and cooling cuts. However, IT and HR can have a far bigger impact throughout the company than CIOs and IT managers previously thought.

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Are you a Bigfoot?

Calculate your personal carbon footprint here!


Industry news


Death of the company car?

SARS has released a draft Taxation Laws Amendment Bill, which sets out the proposed amendments in relation to company cars, effective from March 1 2011. (Mail & Guardian)

  • Company cars will be taxed at a rate of 4% of the determined value of the car on a monthly basis — a 1,5% increase
  • The determined value of the company car will now include the costs of a maintenance plan and VAT
  • Employers will be required to withhold employees’ tax at a rate of 80% on the fringe benefit

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Social Recruitment?

How social media is enhancing HR’s recruitment roles.

Google Buzz

Dubbed “Twitter on steroids”, Google Buzz is being hailed as the new recruitment tool.

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Your Country Needs You – on Facebook…

The US Marine Corps show the world just how recruitment is done.

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