The past month has been particularly frenetic at CRS. We hosted our annual conference across the country and have already had some very useful feedback. We are delighted that almost all of you who attended found the content of the conference to be very valuable and we will build on this for next year. Feedback also showed that most who attended prefer afternoon sessions and we will take this into account when organising next year’s events. We are also aware that our Cape Town guests found the venue challenging as there was some background noise. We have noted this and will ensure that we find a more suitable destination. On behalf of everyone at CRS, I would like to thank you for your valuable comments, all of which have been captured and noted.

Now, on to some practical news. Please read the snippets below as they will affect many of you in the coming weeks. As we rush towards the end of year, both payroll and HR managers still have a host of practicalities to attend to and we hope that you continue to turn to us for help and guidance.

Until next time,

James McKerrell


HR and IT face a looming challenge

The proposed Protection of Personal Information Bill is a lot more daunting than many of us thought. Please click here for our thoughts on how you and your company will be affected as well as some very practical actions you can take now to ensure you are not found wanting when it is enacted.


Learning from others

Performance management can be one of the key differentiators in attracting and retaining scarce skills. Making use of smart, flexible software solutions which matched their forward-thinking attitude, has helped medical scheme, Medihelp bring their average employee turnover time to an impressive 10.2 years. Please click here for the case study.


An update on the SARS E@syFile

  • Version 4.1.0 is available as from Monday 20 September and should be used for all uploads as bugs were identified in previous versions.
  • Any 2010 beta test versions downloaded must be uninstalled prior to installing another version of E@syFile.
  • Windows 7 users should perform a fresh installation of the application rather than an upgrade so as to ensure that data integrity is preserved.


Training Modules

During the next month we’ll be offering a selection of training on our modules. Please click here for the dates and venues.