In a world of instant gratification and mercurial loyalties, it is wonderful to be acknowledged as a company which is not merely a service provider, but a business partner.

CRS has always viewed our clients as much more than a revenue stream. Many of you will have first-hand experience of how our team works with you to ensure you get an HR and payroll solution which meets your expectations, not our needs.

This month, Medi-Clinic, a home-grown global success story, acknowledged our part in their continued growth. In the ‘Service Provider of the Year Awards 2010’ hosted by Medi-Clinic, CRS was presented with a certificate by the CEO of Medi-Clinic South Africa which reads:  

“This certificate recognises CRS HR and Payroll Solutions as one of our top service providers of the year. Thank you for your outstanding service and dedication to Medi-Clinic Southern Africa.”

This means an enormous amount to us. We have worked with Medi-Clinic for more than 17 years and grown with the company to the international powerhouse it is today.

Many of our clients have been with us for a decade or more. Having said this, we would like to assure them, and you, that we will never take your trust in us lightly. We will continue to look for new ways of making your life simpler, easier and most importantly, more profitable.

Now, please read on for some valuable tips to see you through the next month.

Until next time,

James McKerrell


Employment Equity Reports – deadline looms

For those of you who carefully maintain your information throughout the year, submission of your Employment Equity reports should pose no problem. Deadline has already passed for manual submissions but there is time in hand for those submitting electronically.

To assist you with your electronic submission, here are some guidelines and pointers:

  • If it is the first time that you are submitting an EE report electronically, you need to register an online user account with the Department of Labour. The online service has been open since 1 September 2010.
  • The deadline for online submission of EE Reports is 15 January 2011.

When completing your electronic submission:

  • Check for incomplete sections or sections with errors
  • Do not forget to save and print your final report
  • Do not forget to press the ‘submit’ button once your report is complete
  • No changes will be allowed after submission
  • Please look for emailed reports and acknowledgement letters in your Junk mail/Spam folder and move them to your Inbox before opening the attachments.

Should you require any assistance please contact the Employment Equity Help line on 0860 101018.


Training Modules

During the next month we’ll be offering a selection of training on our modules. Please click here for the dates and venues.