Welcome to the first CRS newsletter of 2011. We hope that you, like us, are enjoying the renewed optimism and energy that comes with the start of a new year.

CRS spent some time in December focussing on what analysts, clients and our specialist partners thought about what lies ahead. The overwhelming consensus has been that employment, equity and job creation will be exceptionally high on the agenda this year. The New Growth Path has laid job creation as its cornerstone and this will almost certainly be high on the agenda come budget time later in February.

While our own growth rate is looking fairly steady, the talk about a double dip in the developed world is casting a pall on the economic outlook and businesses are still fairly wary about how they will spend their money this year.

Companies wishing to see effective growth in 2011 will need to have a compelling strategy which focuses on two things – skills and efficiencies.

Organisations looking to expand will struggle to accomplish this without solid performance and incentive systems that align employee delivery and behaviour with business objectives. Through 2011, the forward thinking manager will continue to automate and reduce HR administration costs. CRS will be showing you ways to do just this. We will also be updating you throughout the year on legislative, tax, equity and other information which will position you to drive new efficiencies in your business and ensure compliance and lower risk.

While the global outlook may be one of cautious optimism, I believe that we should hold onto what Barack Obama said when he announced his healthcare reforms: “We are going to get this done…Inaction is not an option.”

Let 2011 be a year of action.

Until next time,

James McKerrell

Tax News

Removal of secondary tax exemption increases tax burden

Gordhan’s earlier than expected abolishment of the STC exemption charge has caught many businesses off-guard, and is set to make life tougher for any company that is closing, de-registering or liquidating. Click here to read more from Business Day.

Salaried staff: calculating tax relief

Many ordinary salary-earning taxpayers are aware that they can claim tax relief on certain expenses but they often just don’t know where to start with their calculations. Click here for some useful pointers on common deductions from Moneyweb.


You’re at the right table!

Chantel Swart certainly had one of the more interesting appointment processes CRS has seen in a while! Her first CRS encounter was at a restaurant where she happened to wait on James McKerrell, Dave Philp and Sonia Liebenberg. They got chatting and, when hearing Chantel’s dreams of an HR career, the group’s  response was, “Well, you’re definitely at the right table!” and Dave urged her to contact him about a job. Chantel subsequently had a second chance encounter with Sonia (in a fabric shop this time!), was formally invited to interview with CRS and, two meetings later, she joined as an intern.

A hair stylist by trade, after six years Chantel sought a complete career change and commenced her HR studies, waitressing for her tuition fees. With N4 HR Management already under her belt and N5 HR Management up next, she won’t stop studying until she has her HR degree.

Chantel handles a host of admin and secretarial duties for the Cape-based CRS consultants and will move into project co ordination during the year.

When asked, “If you could shake the hand of someone famous, dead or alive, whose would it be?” Chantel chooses Nelson Mandela, saying: “To shake the hand of one who chose peace over revenge would be the ultimate honour.”

Highly motivated, Chantel is driven by a hunger to know more and be more. Just goes to show – waitressing really can lead to bigger things, especially when CRS comes for dinner!


Training Modules

We continue to offer a selection of training on our modules. Please click here for the dates and venues.