This month we take a moment to reflect on pragmatism – a concept many of our IT and Human Capital Management leaders are turning to.

Most of you will have explored cloud computing as part of your current or future strategy. We applaud you if this is the case.

However, while you are certainly in the majority, we are also aware that many of you could, or should be looking at getting the basics right before looking to virtualise.

At the recent Gartner Symposium, delegates heard that CEOs are more interested in CRM and ERP than their sexier cousins, cloud and mobile. This may seem rather surprising to some given the vendor hype we all deal with.

Make no mistake, CRS is spending a great deal of time improving on our existing cloud offering, which many of you may have already implemented. We do, however, also believe that each business needs to examine its needs and find a solution which meets their requirements – and not merely one which fits with the vendor’s solution.

At CRS we pride ourselves on working to the needs of our customers. This is evidenced by our steady expansion into other geographic regions, more often than not through partnership with our existing clients.

It is precisely because we develop our solutions around real requirements that we are enjoying this global expansion. Most recently we find ourselves operating in the complex Gulf regions as well as Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana. Finding ways to ensure we have developed the most relevant solution for businesses in diverse regions requires a pragmatic outlook, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

We invite you to join us in embracing the pragmatic approach, with the secure knowledge that we are underpinning this with globally recognised R&D and innovation.

And in that vein, I invite you to read further for some practical advice you and your company will need over the coming months.

Until next time,

James McKerrell

Tax Return Requirements: update

Important update: not all registered tax payers are eligible.

In our June newsletter we advised that all tax payers were expected to complete a tax return regardless of their earnings. Please note that this has since changed. The recent announcement states that employees who worked for one employer for the full year and did not earn more than R60 000 annual equivalent for the year do not need to complete returns, despite the fact that they are now registered with SARS.

Please click here to read the full Tax Return Requirements announcement.

Tax Administration Bill: SARS Search and Seizure Powers

The third draft of the long awaited Tax Administration Bill (TAB) was recently published for a final round of public comment— an initiative which will incorporate certain generic administrative provisions into one legislation.

All tax payers need to understand the Bill’s implications, especially those around SARS’ Search and Seizure powers, an issue which has already sparked debate on whether or not it is constitutional.

According to Moneyweb Tax, SARS may without prior notice arrive at and inspect premises to determine the identity of the person occupying the premises, whether that person is conducting a trade or an enterprise, or whether the person is registered for tax and keeps the required records.

A detailed search of a business premises may be conducted by SARS without a search warrant if a senior SARS official has reasonable grounds to believe that there may be an imminent removal or destruction of relevant material likely to be found on the premises and that the delay in obtaining a warrant from a court would defeat the object of the search and seizure.

Please click here to read the Moneyweb Tax article Five things every tax payer should know.

Training Modules

We continue to offer a selection of training on our modules. Please click here for the training dates and venues.

Announcing V4.04 – our latest software release

Based on the valued feedback from our recent client survey, we have decided to host regional presentations on our V4.04 release. Join us as we unpack the changes and outline the enhancements, incorporating all previous versions as well as those listed in the Release Notes. A preview of some of the features you’ll find in this year’s upgrade:

  • New Rollover/Rollback process
  • Reverse a payslip for a single employee
  • Training Module revamped
  • Employee Transfers simplified

Each presentation will run from 9am to 1pm, and attendance is free of charge. Please see below for more information and contact person.