Many of you joined us for our annual conference and product update earlier this month. Feedback was good and we understand that the new format was well received. Attendance was up this year and many companies sent multiple representatives which is great.

We will keep the same format next year and we hope to see you there.

The Department of Labour is making an effort to get its U-Filing system out into our workplaces and we support their efforts. Any new efficiencies can only assist us and should be embraced. Please read on to find out more about how you should be interacting with the Department.

On another note, please familiarise yourself with the new procurement policies which become effective in December. While not strictly an HR or payroll issue, this affects every department in the organisation and their suppliers.

Finally, we wish our Springboks everything of the best in the World Cup. CRS is abuzz with rugby fever and, like the football last year, we can use this to bring our teams together and renew our workplace camaraderie.

Until next time,
James McKerrell


U-filing Update

Many of our clients have raised queries around the U-Filing process. On your behalf, CRS sought clarity from the Department of Labour. Herewith a quick Q & A on UI-19 forms, UIF Electronic Declaration and U-Filing.

Our questions:

1. We are submitting the electronic declaration file monthly to UIF. Will this process register new engagements, terminations and maternity leave movements under the employer’s registration number and on your data base?

2. Will the UI-19 form still need to be completed monthly for employee movements i.e. new engagements, terminations (any reason) and maternity leave?

3. If we submit the electronic declaration file monthly, is it still required to follow the U-Filing process?

4. Sending the UIF declaration electronic file, what is the correct email address to be used: or ?

5. The required forms will remain to be submitted to UIF if an individual needs to claim Unemployment insurance i.e. maternity leave? The employer will provide the individual with the forms?

The Department of Labour responds:

Please note that if you submit your electronic files via your payroll system all amendments will be updated accordingly and you don’t have to submit UI19 forms for the same employees unless the employer did not assist with the termination date but the employee status has changed – in that case, the labour offices will require a UI19 form from the employer. Under no circumstances will a UI19 be accepted or taken from a employee.

There are only three (3) formats in which you can submit your declarations:

1. A manual declarations (UI19) form (for 80-100 employees)

2. Online:

3. Electronic declaration payrolls (EO3) specification.

One can submit all other correspondence, registrations, enquiries or manual declarations to or and electronic declaration files to or

For more information, drop us a line or visit


Job Summit: Navigating Labour Law

The recent Jobs Summit held between the Cape Chamber of Commerce and COSATU has highlighted the need for a better understanding of the labour law and how we should and could be applying it.

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Unemployment: Analytical gaps distorting the picture?

The debate on unemployment is fragmented, resulting in inconclusive analyses and narrow, flawed proposals to address the problem. A critical survey of academic research done on South African unemployment in the past 10 to 15 years reveals that the work, though impressive, is split into at least three sub-discourses: those of macroeconomists, labour economists and poverty analysts.

Often these sub-debates seem to inhabit separate worlds. By and large, each group only focuses on their own theoretical models and empirical research, and rarely uses results from another group. As a consequence, disparate and even conflicting findings abound. A coherent and consistent picture of the unemployment problem – and possible solutions to it – has not been produced. Many analytical gaps remain.

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Social Media – the recruitment revolution

In the ongoing war on talent, an ever-increasing number of HR managers and HR recruiters are awakening to the enormous possibilities offered by social networks in their quest to engage with the correct people and locate top talent for minimal cost.

Globally, 70% of companies are already utilising social networks to leverage their employer brand to source scarce skilled passive candidates, yet the remaining 30% of companies don’t even know where to begin.

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Training Modules

We continue to offer a selection of training on our modules. Please visit our website for the training dates and venues.